In it, Jadwa Company carries out the financial and administrative restructuring of companies and institutions through consultants specializing in developing administrative, financial and technical works, raising the efficiency of establishments and reorienting them strategically according to market requirements, the interaction of that and its impact on the sales process and increasing the revenues. The company has monitored and analyzed many of the companies that have undertaken the restructuring process of financial and administrative restructuring with all types of consultant firms, whether global or local, and was acquainted with the real results that did not meet the requests of the employer. and did not have a positive impact on the facility directly, and then the company developed and provided new tools that would raise the level of service provided in the field of consulting and restructuring the companies, using all new development and marketing tools that It would raise the efficiency of companies and institutions.

The company does the following:

  • Special presentation of the establishment’s strategic goals (analyzed and supported by market studies and competitors).
  • Study the services and products of the establishment and develop marketing tools.
  • Developing the organizational structure of the establishment to develop its response to new goals and services.
  • Procedures and policies for all departments, which would ensure that services and products are provided with quality and include achieving goals.
  • Departments’ duties and responsibilities (and the creation of any department that would affect the sales).
  • A job analysis plan with all its components (detailed job description for each job – a report on employee competencies and skills – a report on job needs).
  • List of authority.
  • Operations Control System and the key performance indicators( KPIs ).
  • Training plan for managers and employees in the planning components.

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