Jadwa company provides production lines and quotations for all types of production lines and machines producing for all medical, agricultural, industrial and technological sectors through the contracting network of the production companies of production lines in a large number of European and Asian countries. The company provides accurate information to its customers through real information which is based on a scientific basis in the process of providing production lines for factories and facilities according to its specialization as well as investigating the accuracy of the types of companies dealing with it to provide production lines.

Contents of the study on production lines:

  • A study of production lines and preparing a report (technical – financial) on production capacity.
  • A study of production lines in terms of maintenance and providing alternatives.
  • Production lines for factories and machines producing (for all types of factories – hospitals – clinics – factories – agricultural).
  • The history of production lines includes an explanation of their presence in the currently existing projects, especially in the Arab world.
  • A study of the needs for preparing the land and its cost for installing production lines.
  • An overview for the date of maintenance of production lines and the timing of shipment and installation.
  • A study of the life span of such lines and the ways of developing them in the future.
  • A study of production cost for each individual line and raw materials for production.
  • A study of the best way to distribute production lines in factories and occupied areas.
  • The final cost of production lines, volume of labor, its expected revenue and its expected profit.
  • Study recommendations.

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