Jadwa company provides through its expert’s consultants in the qualification of companies in stock exchange a special service to qualify companies that operate in any investment sector and have the desire to convert the existing company to a joint stock company and enter the stock exchange (stock exchange), and in it a clear vision is developed about the current status of the company, its evaluation, and methods and costs of qualification to enter the stock exchange, and the return that will be achieved for the company after this has been achieved, and a complete study will be submitted that includes the companies that will be dealt with and how to deal with them.


This study included the following:

  • Steps to qualify the company for Initial Public Offering in the stock exchange (stock exchange)
  • Legal and administrative procedures accompanying the qualification process
  • Steps to prepare financial management, budgets and life expectancy for that.
  • The company’s evaluation process and its future status includes
  1. Macroeconomic indicators analysis
  2. Industry analysis
  3. The establishment financial and operational analysis
  4. Identify fields of growth
  5. Financial expectations
  6. The establishment evaluation
  7. Evaluation report
  • Companies and utilities to qualify in the Initial Public Offering process with accurate cost identification.
  • The costs of the entire qualification process.
  • Determine the expected number of shares and the value of the share in the early stages.
  • Earnings per share and the effect on the company’s growth has been affected.
  • Recommendations of the study.

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