In the context of understanding and informing Jadwa Company about what is happening in the Gulf market on an ongoing basis, there is an urgent need to rehabilitate investment opportunities, whether work is started or not. The need to rehabilitate the opportunity comes from the poor planning from the beginning. Therefore, take into consideration the development of the current investment opportunity and studying the steps that have been taken and the costs incurred.

And then the company’s study applies to rehabilitating those opportunities and making sure to avoid previous mistakes, and then put it in its future form that qualifies the project owner to take the appropriate decision and ensure the success of the opportunity that started in it.

The rehabilitation of investment opportunities includes the following:

  • Unutilized lands and facilities, ways to develop them, and future projects that help their owner make the most of them.
  • Small and large investment projects.
  • Rehabilitation of the factories where work began and stopped for any reason, and serious steps are required to start the production process.
  • Previously executed studies to be developed, verify their data and update them.

In addition to all the elements of opportunity studies, the company performs the verification and restudy of the following:

  • Study the volume of imports (the most important imports) in terms of quantity and value of the targeted markets, study them to determine the direction of imports.
  • To identify the most important imports that increase during a historical period.
  • A study of the most important reasons for the state’s direction towards failure to support its economy as well as the type of projects whose products are imported.
  • A study of the possibility of producing these products in the local markets of the target country and the cost of offering these products.
  • Study the investment opportunities offered by specialized economic authority and organizations within the country offer.
  • Study the ideas that investors envision and studying the extent of their possibility in reality.
  • Evaluate the economic situations of markets and estimate the most important risks in these markets.
  • Analyzing critical success factors in the target markets to study (identifying critical success factors at the level of the market as a whole and not at the level of products).
  • Porter Model Analysis.

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