Jadwa company studies and analyzes competitors working in a specific sector or market according to the project products and services in order to obtain a specific and targeted market share. The competitors’ study may be for a specific number of companies or a study for all companies operating in the same field of the project and within a specific or expanded geographical range; the main benefit of  competitors’ study is that it helps you to define your competitors accurately and to identify their most important strengths and weaknesses and the most important products and services that they offer to customers, and then determine the competitive advantage that the project is based on. In addition, the company is aware of the requirements of the modern day in analyzing competitors, which includes analyzing the marketing power of competitors through electronic tools used by them, and how to take this into account in the marketing strategies for your project.

Stages of preparing competitors’ study:

  • The First stage: Identify competitors for project services and products in its internal and external scope.
  • The second stage: A study and analysis of competitors from all aspects related to production, marketing, pricing and competitive.
  • advantages of each competitor.
  • Third stage: Identify opportunities and threats.
  • The fourth stage: Identify the mechanisms of competitive confrontation of competitors as well as the project’s competitive advantage.

Components of the study:

  • A study and analysis of competitors from the sphere visits of companies in terms of production, exports and future plans.
  • Determine the geographically targeted competitors, or competitors in external markets.
  • Determine what means a competitor uses to market himself and bring in his customers.
  • Determine products and prices for the competing companies, in which the project.
  • Conduct survey lists to evaluate customer opinions about the project’s products and compare them with competitor companies ’products to determine the competitive advantage of the company, under study.
  • A study of the competitive advantages of the products, under study and compare them with alternative, complementary and similar products.
  • Analyze success factors of the company under study.
  • Determine the company’s position, under study from the current competitors.
  • Recommendations of the study

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